Climatalk Collective

We are a small group of professionals interested in stories of people, their places and climate. This interest stems from our voluntary work in different settings of humanitarian crises and their aftermath.

We thought we should hear more stories from the margins of the maps, help more people make sense out of them and respond creatively. It is a process of sharing.  So we welcome stories from all kinds of places – snow-capped mountains, sand dunes  and skyscrapers, islands and deltas, rain forests, riverbanks and seashores. Of course,  regular midland towns too! Geography and software labs and radio clubs try to unpack these stories and talk with the communities.

We were earlier involved in the fishers’ narrowcast Radio Alakal, the moving film fest Deconstructing Disasters and the website We have contributed text and images to the India Disasters Report II. We also contribute to ongoing research on climate-related migration in Bangladesh led by the Sussex Centre for Migration Research and the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit at the University of Dhaka.

This is our house blog meant for our contributors and friends.

Welcome to our experimental website and its Facebook page.

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